Heres your chance to have your Police Mugshot on the Vinyl Album artwork and also in an upcoming Video from The Outlaw Orchestra when they release their new electric album 'Makin Tracks' this October.


You will receive:

An exclusive Outlaw T-shirt.

An 'INMATE' card. Write your name on it.      


Snap a Portrait Police style mugshot photo of yourself and email it back to us.


Your photo will feature on the vinyl album artwork in The Outlaw's gallery.

Your photo will feature in a future video single from the album.

You will receive an advance copy of the 'Makin' Tracks' CD ahead of the official release date.

You will receive a vinyl copy of 'Makin' Tracks upon its completed production, with your mugshot in the album artwork. Vinyl production is scheduled for Jan/Feb 2022 due to overwhelming demand on vinyl production companies.

​Thank you x

'Makin Tracks' SOLO Inmate Vinyl Deal