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"The Outlaw Orchestra…at their best. This is a 12 on a 10 scale, The Outlaw Orchestra have proven they’ve grown up and done so, so quickly it brings a tear to your eye"

- Steve Beastie, HRH Mag

"The sound of UK Country is better than it has ever been, the vocals on the album are the best we've heard on a UK country release this year. These guys know how to write rock’n’roll songs. The Outlaw Orchestra are the kind of band that DJs would convert into the listener’s favourite new band"

- Jonny Brick, Country Way of Life

The guys were in awesome form, with Ryan laying down some great loud rock steady rhythms as a solid foundation for vocalist/guitarist Dave Roux and the multi-talented Pete Briley to build to. Dave is quite the character, talking to the crowd between every track, telling us his tales of life on the road (which he swears are all true lol) setting the scene for each track. It’s a formula that works brilliantly, with all three relaxed and perfectly at home on stage. Special mention to Pete, who rotates between banjo, then lapsteel and pedalsteel effortlessly adding a wonderful tonal depth to their sound.

- Richard Davies, LiveWire Music

"A hybrid mix of rock mixed with country in a style that is unusual but downright entertaining. Alongside lead singer and guitarist David Roux's banter, this is a band that can play with a confident and relaxed style. The venue was buzzing by the end of their set"

- Paul Hutchings, Razor's Edge

"There is no doubt that The Outlaw Orchestra are masters of their art. Fantastic musicians, brilliant song writers and showmen who add the fun element back into music. Whether its slightly quirky lyrics that tell a bizarre story or simply entertaining ways of present their music, there is no one quite like them.

- Darren, Metal Planet Music

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