“David Roux and his merry men have reinvented the wheel. They’ve rewritten the rock and roll rulebook."

“Somehow, from somewhere, The Outlaw Orchestra have outshone the opposition,”  Rushonrock


 FATEA Magazine is of the same mind: “It is clear that The Outlaw Orchestra are on a mission to re-write the rules of defining music genres, and for this they are to be applauded fully. The future looks bright for them. Pantomime Villains? Oh no they're not. They're for real and they mean it."  


‘Pantomime Villains’, rightly labelled by Metal Planet Music as “one of the essential feelgood albums of 2020,"  and hailed as “a serious contender for album of the year," by Steve Beastie of HRH. “Excellent, Highly recommended,” agreed Powerplay Magazine, awarding the album 9/10.


MNPR Magazine hit the nail on the head:  “To create a body of work as stylistically diverse as ‘Pantomime Villains’ takes talent and to make is look as it if it was seemingly thrown together over a few beers, is pure genius.”


"Get this album,” as Fireworks Magazine advise, “and see [the band] live because you miss them at your peril!”