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THE OUTLAW ORCHESTRA release a new music video!


The new music video for the Southampton's hard rock three-piece’s brand new single Outlaw This Christmas and was filmed by guitarist Kris Barras.

Speaking about the making of the song, Banjo Pete comments, “At one point my wife wandered into the studio where Dave and I were working and buried her head in her hands – It’s March for Gods sake why are we still listening to Christmas songs?!” Dave replied all excited and proclaimed “there’s only 39 Fridays until Christmas, we’re running out of time!”.


Rocker Dave adds, “We wanted the song to be classic OUTLAW ORCHESTRA, but we also wanted it to fit alongside all the Christmas songs we love. We’ve got it all, bells, a harmony guitar line, kids voices, a talking section….. even down to the vocal effect. We were searching for a specific sound synonymous with the old-school Christmas tunes – in the end I got in touch with Mike Batt of THE WOMBLES who suggested we investigate the Artificial Double Tracking used throughout the 60s and 70s by Noddy Holder and John Lennon. As soon as we added that effect to the voices – we knew we were onto something.”

On the making of the video, drummer Ryan Thundersmith adds, “It was the 14th August, the hottest day of the year, and we were wrapped up in our Christmas jumpers, woolly hats and thick coats rocking out underneath a snow machine with dog walkers in shorts and t-shirts watching on wishing us a Merry Christmas….in AUGUST. We knew we had a great song on our hands as we kept catching Kris whistling and humming the tune whilst he was setting up his lights and cameras.”

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